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Bowling Green State University

Women's Studies Program
246 Shatzel Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403-7133

March 30, 1999

Gerri Gribi's performance at Bowling Green State University on Friday, March 26, 1999 was the highlight of Women's History Month! She is a talented and delightful performer as well as knowledgeable historian and educator. Interwoven with her sweet soprano voice and her skillful playing of her instruments, was an insightful and entertaining history lesson. Gerri educated the crowd about events surrounding the women's suffrage movement, African American slave songs that were encoded with hidden messages, the history of women's folk music traditions, women's oppression at work, frontier women's lives and many more topics. The performance was sprinkled with humor and anecdotes. The highlight for the audience is when Gerri taught us all how to yodel!

We look forward to inviting Gerri back to campus. Our only regret was that her busy Women's History Month traveling schedule wouldn't allow her to teach a workshop or two on campus or in the community. Now that we know what a talented teacher she is, we will be sure to schedule in workshops or class presentations next time. We at the Women's Studies Program and the Women's Center at Bowling Green State University give Gerri Gribi our highest thumbs up for entertainment and education in Women's History and music.

Great Job, Gerri!


Vickie Rutledge Shields, Ph.D.

Director of Women's Studies