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Gerri Gribi

Concert Bio

Updated 12/08/11 ///
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"Think of Gerri Gribi as a historian with a guitar pick"

The Milwaukee Sentinel

A unique musician, historian and educator, Gerri Gribi has toured North America for over 25 years. She's performed in the venues you'd expect - theaters, coffeehouses, schools, convocations and folk festivals - and some you probably wouldn't like military bases and prisons. Accompanying her clear soprano voice with autoharp, mountain dulcimer and guitar, she brings history to life in any setting in a way which is lively, fun, and (gasp!) even educational.

She made her first television appearance at the age of 13, and at 15, sang as one of the youngest members of the renowned Cincinnati May Festival Chorus. But her first love has always been folk music, and her interest in using traditional songs as a way of teaching history began while she worked for the Education Department of the Cincinnati Historical Society in the 1970's.

Disturbed by the fact that all the traditional "women's" songs she knew portrayed women as victims, she set out to recover songs showing women in a more positive light. With resources ranging from the Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture, to a porch in West Virginia, her research has unearthed songs which portray our foremothers more realistically as workers, creators, survivors and dreamers.

She is a frequent guest on TV and radio, and her music has been featured in a variety of media outlets, including ABC Prime Time Live. She has lent her creative hand to numerous projects, including writing and performing music for the award-winning documentary "Poverty Shock: Anywoman's Story." Her newest CD, "The Womansong Collection," has been widely and enthusiastically reviewed, both at home and abroad. She's been ranked among the Top Ten Artists by the National Women's Radio Play List.

She writes about topics in women's history and music, and has been published in academic journals as well as popular periodicals and newspapers. She maintains an annotated and frequently updated website of with resources for women's studies, folk music and African American Studies at


Womansong (1984) LP Thirteen woman-positive folk songs, with historical notes for classroom use.

Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (1991) Cassette Sequel to Womansong, with twelve more traditional and original songs.

The Womansong Collection (1996) Compact Disc Compilation of work from both albums, plus new material, lyrics and historical notes.

Monsters in the Closet (1982) Best of Friends (1985) It's a Dog's Life (1988) Cassettes. Traditional, contemporary and original songs for children.

Home for Christmas (1996) Compact Disc

The Gerri Gribi Songbook (2007) Digital Compilation featuring 19 songs from previous discs and cassettes



Johnson Subvention Award, Society of American Musicians

Write Women Back Into History Award - National Women's History Project.

Certificate of Appreciation - Presented by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction for her "entertaining, educational school programs about strong women."

Featured in the book Dreamers and Doers: Women of Northeastern Wisconsin. - Published by AAUW.


"{Womansong} is a very lovely album... Excellent."

"It was a pleasure to discover this grass-roots artist with a keen historical consciousness and a wonderfully appealing musical style."

"Gerri Gribi sings in a clear, concise voice that echoes the purity of the early Joan Baez. A thoroughly entertaining performer, as well as one with a refreshing point of view."

"She weaves her lyrical magic with even the most skeptical audiences. Before they realize it, they have crossed the threshold from listeners to participants."


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