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The newsletter of the San Francisco Folk Music Club

Volume XXXIV, Number 6 November/December 1998

Gerri Gribi is a midwestern singer of traditional and original songs with a strong, clear, spirited voice accompanied by her own dulcimer and guitar as well as rich but not intrusive backup musicians. On this album she has collected songs from two earlier recordings (Womansong and Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here) to produce a merging of folk songs of women's history and original songs of women's experience. The binding themes are independence, spunk, and a healthy sense of humor. She offers engaging renditions of traditional songs about single maids and wives who outwit evil or lazy men ("The Old Maid's Song," "Equinoxial and Phoebe," "The Cruel Youth" and "When I Was a Fair Maid,") along with historical gems like "Bread and Roses," "I'm Gonna Be an Engineer" and "Union Maid." Her own original songs are moving whether funny (you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy "The Hunting Song") or nostalgic ("The Hills of Kentucky" and "The Wings of a Song"). It was a pleasure to discover this grass-roots artist with a keen historical consciousness and a wonderfully appealing musical style.

Gribi has also made a children's tape, BEST OF FRIENDS, and with a subtitle that tells it all: More folk songs for kids and adults who love to sing. Again, her voice, dulcimer, and guitar lure the listener with full and pleasing sounds. The upbeat tunes and spirited yet gentle musical style invite singing as well. Familiar modern tunes like "Garden Song" and "Puff" join traditional ones like "Froggie Went A'Courting." I recommend this tape not only for singing families but also for any fans of traditional folk and modern kids' music. - Estelle Freedman

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