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Gerri Gribi: Technical Requirements

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The staging of this one-woman show is simple by design, and intended to create an atmosphere of intimacy between performer and audience. Your creativity in helping to achieve this goal...and in making this performance space uniquely your space... is greatly appreciated.

Stage area

The minimum space required is an area 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep. On large stages, curtains should be closed to create a smaller, lighted area toward the front.

Room Setup (when the performance is not in a theater)

Chairs should be arranged in a semi-circle around the performance area. Arrange the chairs so that there are side aisles rather than a center aisle...a "theater in the round." If more than 100 chairs are used, a small riser might be necessary; please use your best judgement.

This arrangement is also preferred in an auditorium which has a stage but unfixed chairs. Unless it creates a problem with lighting, Gerri would prefer to be slightly elevated at floor level on a riser, rather than on a stage above the audience.

Sound System

In small theaters (200-300 seat) designed for performance and with good acoustics, sound reinforcement may not be necessary. In other settings, and banquets, sound reinforcement should be available if more than 100 people are expected. Please ask if you have any questions about this.

Ideally, a technician should be available to manage the sound throughout the performance, since Gerri performs on 3 different instruments. Sound check must be completed 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance.


Please feel free to use your best judgment as to what will create a warm atmosphere. Gerri prefers to have the house lighted slightly so she can see the audience.


Smoking is not permitted during the performance in any venue.

A table should be set to the side or back of the room or theater for the sale of CDs and cassettes.

Please have the room opened at least one hour prior to the performance.