Charles L. "Chuck" Gribi - USAAF
Updated 2/19/13

This page was created by me (Gerri Gribi) in honor of my dad, Charles L. Gribi

Earlier Days:
Life on the Ohio River and
the Great Flood of 1937

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Great Flood of '37: Two survivor stories
On January 26, 2012, Dad was interviewed by Mike Schell of Fox19 in Cincinnati Ohio about the Great Flood of 1937.

The house were Dad lived as a boy - 3538 Riverside in Cincinnati.

Less than a mile from the Anderson Ferry, which has been in business since 1817 (and is still running!)

Good Times on the Ohio River
even after the Great Flood and During the Great Depression!

Ruth, Millie, Luella and Charles

Seated: Ruth, Millie, Luella, & Charles Gribi

Emma and Albert Gribi standing.

1933 Flood on the Ohio River.

Great Flood of 1937 - The house didn't survive this one.
The property is now part of Riverside Playground.

What a catch!

Dad at one of his favorite activities...he once made a trip all the way to Louisville.

Just enjoying a day on the Ohio River!