Almadinger "Congratulations Everybody On Everything"
25th Disney Trip Anniversary Celebration!

On Tuesday, November 21, 2006 The Almadingers congregated at the Golden Corral to celebrate Thanksgiving, the 25th Annivesary of the Disney Trip, Ray and Teresa's birthdays, Tony & Pam's anniversary, Beth & Bill's impending parenthood and...well...everything.

So that's it everybody. You've all been wished well for everything you've ever done or will ever do, so please get on with your lives and don't be expecting cards, gifts or well-wishes.

Have a Magical Day!


Mary Beth mutters "And they thought we forgot!" as she sets up the Display o' Disney Memorabilia, while Tony sizes people up for their new Charlie's Tours T's.
Meanwhile, Steve contemplates the lawsuit Disney will probably file for misappropriation of those mouse ears.


Gregg, Tony and Sarah debate whether Pete's T-shirt should be sacrificed for somebody at the reunion even if they weren't on the Disney trip.

The decision:
Congratulations on Everything, Pete!
Hope you still have your original shirt!!


Micky, Tour-Director-in-Waiting, helps Charlie get spiffied up for the celebration.


Hanna ponders the fate of a 15-year-old dragged off to Disney with her lame weirdo family, while Teresa's flashback confirms Hanna's worst fears.


Bill demonstrates the utter delight and confidence of a Father-to-Be, and only Beth's smile outshines his! (Notice the original family Disney photo in the bottom right corner.)

Mama says "Dinner is served!"

Almadinger "Congratulations Everybody On Everything" Pre-event

On Monday, November 20, Rachel flew in from New York to have lunch at Amol India. Some of us decided to join her.


Uh oh...confusion over the cell phones? Mama explains to Tony why it's easier to reach her if he dials the right number.


After enquiring "Are you leaving soon?" the waiter was kind enough to take this group shot before retiring back to the booth from which he hoped his hard stares would finally move us along.


Rachel with Young Gerri.


Rachel with Old Gerri.

The little medicine bottle for which Gerri was body-slammed and strip-searched while attempting to pass through Airport Security. Once the bottle was determined to be empty, a good laugh was had by all and Gerri went on her way.
Congratulations on THAT TOO!